Compulsory marks.

The following are the current Dublin Assay Office Hallmarks which came into effect in 2002. Please note that the marks/symbols below are merely an artist’s impression and should not be interpreted as a technically correct blueprint.

Example of an Irish Hallmark for 18 carat gold

The Maker / Responsibility / Sponsor's Mark

Sample Sponsor’s Mark

Originally it was used to identify the silversmith or goldsmith responsible for making the article. The initial letters of his Christian name and surname are used. In the case of partnerships and companies nowadays it generally consists of the initials of one or more of the partners and in the case of a limited company the initial letters are used.

Hibernia - The Dublin Assay Office Mark

Hibernia Hallmark

Hibernia mark may be considered as a special mark of the Dublin Assay Office. It was only used on Irish manufactured articles up to 2002 while the boujet was used on imported articles. Since 2002 it is used on all articles assayed and hallmarked at the Assay Office irrespective of their origin.

Metal & Fineness (purity) Marks

Metal and fineness (purity) marks tell you the precious metal content, expressed in parts per thousand.

Silver Purity Marks

Gold Purity Marks

Platinum Purity Marks

Palladium Purity Marks

Additional information

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