Convention marks & other legal marks.

Convention marks

The Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals is an international treaty between States on the cross border trade in precious metal articles. It was signed in Vienna in November 1972 and entered into force in 1975.

The Members of the Convention are Austria (1975), Croatia (2018), Cyprus (2007), Czech Republic (1994), Denmark (1988, including Greenland since 2004), Finland (1975), Hungary (2006), Ireland (1983), Israel (2005), Latvia (2004), Lithuania (2004), Netherlands (1999), Norway (1983), Poland (2005), Portugal (1982), Slovak Republic (2007), Slovenia (2009), Sweden (1975), Switzerland (1975) and the United Kingdom (1976).

This means that the Dublin Assay Office can strike the Convention Hallmark which is recognised by all member countries in the International Convention. Conversely, articles bearing the Convention Hallmark (marked in Member states) are legally recognised in Ireland and do not have to be re-hallmarked here. So, this mark eases and ensures safeguards for the cross border trade of jewellery.

Finenesses recognised under the Convention are platinum (999, 950, 900, 850), gold (999, 916, 750, 585, 375), palladium (999, 950, 500) and silver (999, 925, 800). A Convention Hallmark consists of a Maker or Sponsor’s Mark, ans Assay Office Mark, a Fineness Mark and a Common Control Mark.

Platinum Hallmarks

L-R: Platinum 999, Platinum 950, Platinum 900, Platinum 850

Gold Hallmarks

L-R: Gold 999, Gold, 916, Gold 750, Gold 585, Gold 375

Palladium Hallmarks

L-R: Palladium 999, Palladium 950, Palladium 500

Silver Hallmarks

L-R: Silver 999, Silver 925, Silver 830, Silver 800

More details on convention marks can be downloaded from the information brochure below.
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Other legal marks

National hallmarks from certain European countries are recognised in Ireland if they are deemed equivalent and are intelligible.

Additional information

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