Customs clearance.

Our customs clearance team deal exclusively with jewellery and associated articles principally of precious metals. Our knowledge of customs procedures and our attention to detail ensures that the process is swift with consignments cleared for next day delivery.

Our Custom Clearance team deal exclusively with jewellery.

The importation of consignments of articles (including single articles) of precious metal from outside the EU are subject to customs clearance. When the appropriate VAT and Duty is paid, these consignments are delivered direct to the Assay Office for Assay and Hallmarking (test and certification).

Articles that meet the declared standard of fineness are hallmarked and delivered to the consignee (importer). Substandard articles are either marked down to the next lower standard or exported to the consignor by the Assay Office.

If you require further information about customs clearance please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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